Product Design

Microsystems prototyping is expensive, a direct result of the capital intense nature of the microelectronics industry, with which the MEMS/MST industry shares many of the same fabrication tools. Simulation in microsystem engineering plays a critical cost containment role by reducing the number of experimental parameters needed to analyze through actual physical prototyping.

Numerical simulations can be cumbersome and time consuming, and often provide only marginal incremental benefits. Although, microsystem specific simulation tools have been developed, the heterogenous nature of a microsystem makes it unrealistic to expect that any single analysis tool will be sufficient to solve problems of vastly diverse physical nature.

Our Package-CentricSM microsystems engineering service avoids excessive simulation by using a combination of heuristics and polynomial interpolation to drastically reduce the number of FEA cases required to study a design.

We make available to our clients a diverse range of complex engineering tools, ranging from electromechanical FEA analysis codes to electron device, optics and circuit level simulators. We also make available personnel of interdisciplinary background capable of maximizing the impact of the simulation tool to the client's problem through their own professional experience